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The Medical Society of Eastern Pennsylvania was founded in 1961 as a local affiliate of the National Medical Association, which was established in 1895 to promote the healthcare of the African-American community as a whole, but especially the professional well-being and aspirations of African-American physicians. While Black physicians represent only 5% of the nation's physicians, there are more than 500 Black physicians in the Greater Philadelphia region.

There are at least four general membership meetings held annually. The Mercy-Douglass Lectureship is open to the general public and features speakers addressing medical concerns of national or global import. In recent years, the event has been sponsored by the Sidney Kimmel Medical College. 

A Speaker's bureau of African-American physician expert is available to participate in community and local outreach programs. 

The Scholarship Program gives five scholarships to medicals student from each of the five local schools who demonstrates leadership qualities, and have contributed to projects that have benefited the community.

On the third Sunday of the month from 2pm-3pm, we broadcast on WURD-AM, Physicians-On-Air, a program for members to present different facets of medical care, relating to their specialty and of the public interest. Tune in at WURD 900 AM, or online  

Previous programs included a student mentorship program for local undergraduate students interested in careers in medicine. This program was funded by grants from the pharmaceutical industry, which allowed the students to receive stipends. A rigorous vetting of academic, social, physical and mental health is done prior to participation in the program.

Frederick Douglass Memorial Hospital and Training School founded in 1895

Mercy Douglass Hospital, the Black hospital in the mid-20th century (1955)

William F. King, Jr. MD, FAAP, Pediatrician, Pediatric and Adolescent Medical Centers of Philadelp

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